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Sharing a stage with Samantha Pearse rates as one of the most enjoyable experiences of my time spent as a speaker and a life coach.

Samantha exudes positive energy in such a magnificent way and I always felt inspired by the way she could capture people with her stories and her teaching. She has endured some extreme situations in her life including a health turnaround which is remarkable, considering that

 she was a young woman at the time, and came through the experience with great wisdom which she willingly shares with so much love and passion, that it’s impossible not to sit up and take notice.

Always alive with encouragement and serious about transformation, Samantha has the ability to motivate and shift people in a profound way. She is articulate and clear in her message and always manages to make people laugh with her sense of humour and ability to light up a room with her smile!

Our time spent together in business a few years back was so enjoyable and through it we became good friends both personally and as a family. I will never forget my time as a member of Samantha’s team. I learnt a lot from her and will always remember how I looked up to her as a role model for women of all ages. I am very grateful for the opportunity of observing this amazing woman take on massive challenges and doing it with grace and energy. 

Thank you Samantha for making an impact on my life – I am so much the richer for having met you.

Sharon Castle: Life Coach, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach & Transformational Kinesiologist

"I have been working with Sam over two years. I have always found her to be helpful, kind, interesting and she always goes the extra mile to assist you. I had the pleasure of listening to a talk she gave at a Ladyboss event. Everyone was blown away by not only the information and advice she was giving but the fact that not once were you bored and wishing her talk would end. Samantha is very professional and helpful in her business but she delivers this with compassion, humour and kindness that makes a female Entrepreneur always stand out."

Laura Ruthven: Owner & Editor, Female Entrepreneur SA

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